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attributed to Mame Dennis

Friday, October 09, 2009

Littletree Orchards

A sunny day was forecast amid the rain, so we took advantage of it by going apple picking. The rolling hills south of Ithaca were bright with color. We haven't seen as much change in the leaves in Lodi yet but, as Pat pointed out, we are closer to the lake. (This is an interesting illustration of the microclimate created by Seneca and Cayuga Lakes.)

     I liked the laid back atmosphere at Littletree Orchards right away. There were fresh cider donuts and apple cider, hot or cold, available self-serve in the barn. We had a look at the map of the orchard and headed out with a couple 1/2 bushel bags in hand.

     The brisk day was perfect for a walk amongst the apple trees. The first tree we reached was a McIntosh. I picked one to munch along the way. Lovely sweet flavor with plenty of crunch.

Check out the nest (above) I spotted in one of the trees. Those smart birds must be living like kings!

It was interesting to see the so many varieties of apples available. It seemed that we had arrived a little late in the season, but I also overheard that this year's crop was a fairly small one. I didn't end up pick a whole lot, but it sure put me the mood to bake. You'll be sure to be reading about it soon.


Northern Spys (below) are said to be great for making hard cider.

The Asian pears (below) were crisp and juicy, but on the small side.

This is a great field trip for children of all ages!


SY said...

I really want to go apple picking now.. I haven't been since I was a small child and they had to pick me up to pull the apple off the branch


Cristina said...

these pictures are great! make me wish i were still in touch with my apple-picking dance partner. that photo of you in the cutout is fan-flippin'-tastic!

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

Such a fun trip! I love apple season. Beautiful photos.